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With this eBook you will discover the importance of using Automotive SPICE

When you think about a car these days, what comes to mind is a smart vehicle integrated with your phone. One with a touch screen full of apps, stolen vehicle tracking software and auto-park features or even wireless charging docks.

These more and more advanced technologies and further product innovations make it even more important to remember about safety and efficiency practices in the development process.

Implementation of standards such as ASPICE can help the organisation to define best practices and ensure the high quality of the product.

The main goal of ASPICE is to provide a framework for software

processes assessment that will help to identify best practices.

This standard can help you with:

  • addressing any type of dysfunction in a software project while following common guidelines,
  • reducing costs and missteps in the software developing process and reducing the likelihood of vehicles with defects entering the market,
  • avoiding miscommunications and providing greater transparency between producers and their business partners
  • being seen as a competitive producer and reliable cooperation partner.

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What is ASPICE? 

Here, we provide an easy introduction to the standard, its definition and why it should be covered.


ASPICE history and evolution

We break down the history and evolution of the standard. With the focus on how and why it progressed from ISO 15504 through ISO/IEC 33000 and finally to ASPICE.


ASPICE structure and assessment model

Our specialists can help you go through OEM requirements and development infrastructure, analyse your software development processes and help in features implementation, based on the ISO26262 and ASPICE rules.


Values related to ASPICE

With the closer look on benefits that comes from the model, we show how important and useful it is to implement the ASPICE standard in your organisation.


ASPICE correlation with other norms

This section of the eBook will help you understand the links between ASPICE and other standards and how sometimes using more than one of them may be beneficial for product development.


Combining ASPICE with Agile

Here, we present how and why it can be convenient to combine ASPICE standard with Agile methodology.


Cybersecurity in Automotive

This part of the eBook will get you through the latest Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity guidelines and their importance in achieving the best safety practices.

Who we are


We are a team of well-versed software development specialists who have been working on both Functional Safety and Automotive SPICE projects with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, for years.

Now, we’re ready to share our experience with your team.

Whether your goal is to prepare your product for an automotive standard assessment, build up your team’s competence or you need specialists to support you on-site, our experts are ready to help.

Learn more about our Automotive offering.

Meet our Experts

Marek Palka Spyrosoft

Marek Pałka

Head of Quality

Making processes work for people and not the other way round is the priority in my work. I worked in IT industry my entire career in different Quality Management positions as well as in Project Management.

I had the opportunity to introduce and audit for compliance many industry standards in automotive, medical devices and information security fields.

My experience also includes assessment, implementation, deployment and maintenance of Management Systems compliant with ISO standards.


Marcin Tomczak

Technical Lead Quality Engineer

I am a Technical Lead Quality Engineer at Spyrosoft with over 16 years of experience in the computer software industry.

My specialisation areas include: Automotive SPICE, SEI CMM/CMMI, TL9000, ISO 9001, Software Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Defect Prevention, Problem Solving, Metrics Definition and Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Quality Audits and Software Configuration Management.

At Spyrosoft, I oversee projects for our clients from the Automotive industry, supporting the effective implementation of safety requirements.


Tomasz Łokietek

Senior Functional Safety Engineer

I am a certificated Automotive Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the computer software industry.

I have extensive experience in Kaizen, Electronics, Automotive, R&D and Manufacturing gained by working with leading IT companies in Europe. I am also an accomplished professional with an executive MBA focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Polish Open University.

At Spyrosoft, I support key clients from the Automotive business unit in implementing functional safety solutions.

Our certificates

ISO26262 ebook

Looking for anything else? Check our Guidebook to ISO 26262

This comprehensive publication will answer your most burning questions about Functional Safety. You will get to know the definition of ISO 2626, its history and how to comply with the standard.

The Guidebook will also introduce and clarify Functional Safety guidelines combined in 12 parts and the use of tool qualification. It will show you how application of the standard can improve safety levels in production of vehicles.

Learn more and let our experts assist you in improving the effectiveness of your organisation.

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