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Discover with our Experts why IoT can be seen as the backbone of the fourth wave of the industrial revolution

In recent years, IoT was one of four technologies that have dominated the tech landscape.

Even though for some the term itself may have started to sound almost like another buzzword, there is no doubt that it is here to stay with the ever-increasing importance of data in all sectors, especially Industry 4.0.

IoT allows for connecting autonomous devices to the Internet. Thus, the implementation of this technology can gain additional functionalities for all the machines.
In the following publication, you will get to know more about the subject from an Expert point of view.

Our Engineers and Architects will introduce you to the most important details and predictions about the Internet of Things and its connection to Industry 4.0.

The main focus of IoT is to resolve issues that concern data
and a better understanding of our reality

The technology gathers data in IoT hubs, so they can later be used in data processing and management.

The utilising of those hubs can also be beneficial in terms of:

  • providing better security
  • getting full control over the process
  • having the ability to easily scale the number of devices

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Introduction to Internet of Things by Marcin Sikorski

Our Expert presents the definition and history of IoT. He also gives his professional look at previous changes and future trends in this technology.


IoT architecture: 4 stages of building a sustainable system

Here we provide a clear outline of the IoT architecture, its stages and common mistakes to avoid when planning it.


IoT hub: what it is and how to incorporate it into your IoT system

The next paragraph takes a closer look at the IoT hub, including its availability on the market and the benefits it can bring. Here you will also find out more about the process of building an IoT system and best practices in their management.


IoT hub: examples and case studies

In this section, we share with you specific examples of using IoT hubs in different industries, among which are projects we have worked on with our clients.


IoT security: how to keep your device safe?

In the end, we dive into the aspect of IoT security and present the main risks you may encounter with that technology.

Who we are


Spyrosoft is an authentic, cutting-edge software engineering company, established in 2016. In 2022 and 2023, we were among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

We were founded by a group of tech Experts with established backgrounds in software engineering, who created an ‘engineer-to-engineer’ workplace, powered by enthusiasm, fairness and authentic relationships.

Having a unique offering, which bridges the gap between technology and business, we specialise in technology solutions for industry 4.0, automotive, geospatial, healthcare & life sciences, employee experience & education and financial services industries.

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Meet our Experts

Lukasz Wojcik Spyrosoft

Łukasz Wójcik

Director of Industry 4.0

- Automation & Connectivity

If your project is related to embedded systems for industry or the Connectivity and Internet of Things, then you will be working with me.

I have been active in the industry since 2002, I started as a DevOps specialist in telecommunication projects, and after several years I became the head of the IT department in an international company.

I don’t like to postpone things, especially since in today’s IT when you can’t afford to work on one topic for several years.


Marek Pałka

Head of Quality

Making processes work for people and not the other way round is the priority in my work. I worked in IT industry my entire career in different Quality Management positions as well as in Project Management.

I had the opportunity to introduce and audit for compliance many industry standards in automotive, medical devices and information security fields.

My experience also includes assessment, implementation, deployment and maintenance of Management Systems compliant with ISO standards.


Marcin Sikorski

Lead QA Automation Software Engineer


I am an Internet of Things Expert, a member of The Future of Industry Platform and Poland - Hong Kong Business Association, and a co-author of the report "IoT in the Polish Economy''. I also wrote two books: "Real IT World - Internet of Things'' and “Cheated by Smart”. I also spoke at TEDx.

I've been in the tech industry since 2013 working in consumer IoT, automotive and nuclear reactors projects with a focus on implementing good practices regarding quality, business and testing in digital transformation. I am a host of 'Smart Rzeczy' podcast.

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