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Within this eBook, you will discover the unknown attributes of Salesforce.

At a time when real-time control and management of the business is becoming even more critical, companies need to remember to support and develop all branches of their organisation. The ability to swiftly adapt to changes and to foster a good collaborative environment across all departments can help boost company performance.

Salesforce comes with assistance in solving these matters. Technology, mostly known for its CRM platform, has much more to offer. Its business ecosystem includes tools perfect for sales, customer service and marketing departments as well as analytical, safety and sustainability solutions.

In this publication, our experts present the range of tools available in the Salesforce Cloud and the ways to implement and use them to achieve the best possible results.

Implementing new solutions in any organisation can seem complicated and challenging.

To streamline this process, our experts have prepared a dedicated framework. It consists of 5 different steps:

  • Step 0: Pre-discovery (optional for small projects)
  • Step 1: Discovery
  • Step 2: Implementation
  • Step 3: Stabilisation
  • Step 4: Plan for the next steps

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What is Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud?

First, our experts provide an introduction to the B2B Commerce Cloud and take a peek at the origin and evolution of this solution.


How to use Salesforce Commerce for growth planning?

Then, we present the gathered hints from our specialists, which you can take into consideration when planning the growth of your commerce business.


How to start with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud?

In the next part of this publication, we advise you on how to get started with B2B Commerce Cloud tools and how to decide which platform to use.


A step-by-step guide to Salesforce implementation  

Here we present a self-developed framework designed to support the implementation of Salesforce solutions in companies of all sizes.


How Salesforce Sales Cloud can enable and improve your sales process

We also highlight valuable, but not always obvious, features of the Sales Cloud that will help to boost the sales team's work even more.


Use of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice for customer service

We shed some light on the use of Salesforce tools to improve the quality of customer service and present the benefits that this solution can bring to the business.


Salesforce Net Zero Cloud - achieve your sustainability goals

Lastly, we share with you some thoughts on the matter of sustainability, which may be easier to reach with the use of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.

Who we are


Spyrosoft is an authentic, cutting-edge software engineering company, established in 2016. In 2022 and 2023, we were among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

We were founded by a group of tech Experts with established backgrounds in software engineering, who created an ‘engineer-to-engineer’ workplace, powered by enthusiasm, fairness and authentic relationships.

Having a unique offering, which bridges the gap between technology and business, we specialise in technology solutions for industry 4.0, automotive, geospatial, healthcare & life sciences, employee experience & education and financial services industries.

Meet our Expert


Michał Gronowski

Head of Salesforce

I’m a Salesforce Technical Architect – 15x certified, proud Trailhead Ranger with a strong focus on Sales, Commerce, and Service. I have been involved in large-scale Salesforce implementations, mainly for North American and European companies from various fields. I work with C-level stakeholders, business owners, and enterprise architects.

Our partnership with Salesforce


We have access to valuable resources and a wide range of tools that allow us to take full advantage of the enormous opportunities provided by Salesforce. Thanks to the partnership, we can strengthen our expertise across Salesforce products, industries and system integration abilities, maximising your commerce potential.


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From this publication, you will learn more about the benefits of a migration solution for your business and the most common challenges that can arise in the process. Additionally, together with our experts, we advise on how to choose the suitable cloud service model, given the aim of increasing your business advantage.

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